• Mihalek Law recently completed a four-day jury trial in federal court in Phoenix. The case involves an individual’s $1 Million limited partnership investment in a hedge fund. The jury returned a verdict in favor of our client for $1,000,000, plus $359,775 of prejudgment interest and another $505,282 in punitive damages.
  • Mihalek Law represented a community bank headquartered in Northeastern Massachusetts in a FINRA Arbitration against a broker-dealer. The allegations included breach of fiduciary duty, churning, and undisclosed, excessive markups and markdowns in our client’s bond portfolio. The Arbitration was settled and dismissed for $4,750,000 paid by the broker-dealer.
  • MihalekLaw heads investigation of over $20,000,000 Unrated Defaulted Municipal Bonds underwritten and sold by Ross, Sinclaire, & Associates (“RSA”) of Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Mihalek Law represented a community bank in New York in a FINRA arbitration brought against a regional broker-dealer. The allegations included churning, breach of fiduciary duty, and excessive markups and markdowns of our client’s $100 Million bond portfolio. After several years of investigation and litigation, we mediated the case and ultimately reached a $3 Million settlement for our institutional client.
  • Mihalek Law represented a married couple from South Carolina in a breach of contract claim where we settled a securities complaint and later the defendant breached the written settlement agreement. The federal court granted summary judgment to our clients and awarded $3,073,180 including $963,141 in prejudgment interest.
  • Mihalek Law brought arbitration cases against a national broker-dealer on behalf of four Kentucky and Ohio families who were advised to mortgage their previously debt-free home and invest the borrowed funds in the market. When the recommended investments plunged, our clients were in danger of losing their homes. We successfully negotiated nearly $1.2 Million in settlements for our clients.
  • Mihalek Law represented a wire house client from Eastern Kentucky who was sued by the firm to collect a debit balance exceeding $900,000 resulting from options trading in a margin account. At an arbitration hearing, we put on proof of the unprofessional activities of the registered representative resulting in a zero award for the wire house to recover on the debit balance.
  • Mihalek Law was retained by a couple from Louisville, Kentucky who lost $2,700,000 in a fraudulent boiler room campaign conducted by an unscrupulous New York based broker-dealer and its sales force. We filed an arbitration claim requesting compensatory damages, attorneys’ fees, punitive damages and court costs, and after trying the case in Louisville, received a $19.7 arbitration award (including $15 Million in punitive damages), believed to be the largest NASD (nka FINRA) Award for a single retail account at that time. We were successful in proving that the investment banking firm was a boiler room which manipulated the price of the stock of five corporations for its own benefit. This case involved over a decade of litigating in arbitration and several proceedings involving trustees in various bankruptcy courts and Department of Justice Victims’ Funds.
  • Mihalek Law represented a married couple from South Carolina in a Civil RICO litigation in federal court case against a bank, its financial advisors and others, who recommended several fraudulent tax shelters that resulted in damages and tax penalties to our clients. After several years of litigation, the matter settled for many millions of dollars recovered from the investment bank, the issuer’s accountants and the asset protection attorneys who assisted in marketing the tax-sheltered investments.
  • Mihalek Law represented a married couple from Nebraska in an arbitration against a multi-national investment bank. The claims involved unsuitable investments and misrepresentations and omissions of material facts brought under the Nebraska Securities Act. After litigating the claim for several months, we settled and recovered $175,000 on behalf of our clients.

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MihalekLaw is Pursing FINRA arbitration cases against Ross, Sinclaire and Associates, LLC et al.

MihalekLaw heads investigation of over $20,000,000 Unrated Defaulted Municipal Bonds underwritten and sold by Ross, Sinclaire, & Associates (“RSA”) of Cincinnati, Ohio.  READ MORE –>


Wall Street Is The Most Powerful Industry In The Country

The laws related to securities and broker conduct are not favorable to investors. They are favorable to Wall Street. In fact, the SEC could be investigating the exact claim that you are making, but that does not mean you will get any of your money back.

If your community bank’s bond portfolio has been the victim of investment fraud, stockbroker misconduct or professional negligence, you need an experienced team of lawyers to level the playing field and work to recover your losses.

Wall Street Attorneys In Central Kentucky

To succeed in the securities world, you need to know the industry — inside and out. The attorneys of MihalekLaw have over 50 years of experience representing investors and retirees in securities fraud cases. Founding attorney Charles Mihalek served as Special Counsel for the New York Stock Exchange, Inc., was a Senior Trial Attorney for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and Securities Director for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Our Wall Street background allows us to provide clients in Lexington and throughout the country with an insider’s perspective — insight that most lawyers in the country do not have.

Our experience has garnered the results clients need. We have recovered tens of millions of dollars for more than 500 investors nationwide. At one point, we had what we believe to be the largest securities arbitration award for a single family — $19.7 million for one couple.

Securities Fraud Is Not Your Fault

Stockbrokers encourage investors to trust them. However, brokers can be intentionally misleading, sometimes even downright dishonest. Brokers know that smart, educated people struggle to understand the investments being recommended, but they do little to educate their investors about what is actually happening with their accounts — sometimes even blatantly misrepresenting facts.

If you lost your life savings, it’s important to know that it is not your fault.

Your broker’s misconduct cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and there is likely little you could have done to prevent that. However, now that you recognize the problem, we can help you fight to get your money back.

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